Lider Isı Market

In addition to providing sustainable and high-quality services in the industry, reliability is also becoming increasingly important.

We are proud and excited to see that every product is driven by this awareness and enthusiasm, by customer-oriented strategies, by advancing us beyond our reach.


We Produce Main Exchanger

We all have gas-fired combi boilers that provide hot water to the heating radiators in various rooms in our homes and offices.
The water that passes through the pipes is heated by burning the natural gas. These pipes are specially designed. This pipe system is called Main Exchanger (Heat Exchanger-Boiler) in Kombi.
Finally, by means of electric pumps, the water which absorbs the heat energy and starts to warm up is directed to the radiators.
Heat exchanger does not mix the two fluids or allow it to come into direct contact; allowing a second flow to pass.


We Produce Safety Valve

Safety Ventilator is a product that protects the boiler and the surrounding environment from being damaged by excessive water pressure.
The safety valve is a product that automatically releases the excess pressure when the pressure of the inlet side rises by a predetermined pressure.
The Safety Valve is called a safety device that controls the pressure and discharges a certain amount of liquid without any electrical power support.

We Produce Flow Switch and Flow Turbine

In boilers, the water system connected to the mains is the products which mechanically feel the necessity of circulation to start circulation.

We Produce Stream Switch Reader and Stream Turbine Reader

Boilers are specially designed electronic circuits that detect the water flow through the system when it is in need of utility water and turn it into electrical signals.

We Produce Filling Taps

In boilers, the water that is needed for the heating system to work is the vanels at the entrance.

We Produce 3 Way Group Repair Kits

The 3-way water separator is called the 3-way group for the products that prevent the heaters from going to the radiators to heat the working water when it is needed, in the boiler, the main exchanger, By closing the radiator path in the 3-way group, the closure provides for a closed circuit to heat the used water to the working water. These claps are called 3-way Internal Repair Teams.